There are so many items that can play the role of the focal point in a room that windows may slip your mind when trying to figure out what the focal point would be. All you need is a set of beautiful windows that steal the spotlight when you enter the room. Needless to say, you don’t have to hide them or block their appearance with curtains or other window coverings. You need to let them shine on their own.

It may not always be an option to leave your windows curtain-less because of the lack of privacy, but if you live in a home where you don’t have to worry about that, don’t hide them. Make them stand out, even if at first, they seem ordinary and not special at all. 

If you’re lucky enough to live in a house, loft or apartment with arched windows, our first example will show you how elegant they can become with a little imagination. Maybe you won’t have a stained glass trim, like in image 1, but there are window films and special paints that can imitate one. With such an eye-catching design, you won’t need curtains.

Another example would be simple, but large sash windows in a contrasting colour with that of the room painting. Like those in image 2. If the room is painted in a neutral colour, window frames, let’s say bright red, dark green or navy blue will definitely make an impression.

Also, don’t drape your windows if they face a spectacular scenery: a lake, the mountain, the sea, a park. It would be a pity to deprive yourself of such a natural view.

And why would you hide windows with such fancy patterns as in image 4?

There are plenty of things you could do to your windows to make them really feature in your room and leave them uncovered. Get inspired.