While Rationel windows and doors are well known for their elegant design, they are also built to deliver long lasting durability and performance.

Learn how our products are tested to meet the highest standards of safety and security, ensuring they can withstand the force of everything from intruders to the elements.

Declarations of Performance

Wear and tear

Windows and doors are opened and closed many thousand times during their lifetime. To ensure a long life, the structures and fittings are rigorously tested by opening and closing them – again and again.

Wind resistance

In order to ensure that our window construction can withstand extreme wind forces, they are tested under high pressure. In fact, we test the windows to a pressure equivalent to a hurricane.

Water tightness

To ensure that our windows and doors can meet future storms and rains, they are subjected to a simulated storm in our test facilities. See how we test for water resistance in the video.

Secured by Design

At Rationel, we understand that security is a valid concern for any homeowner. That is why all of our windows and doors are Secured by Design, designed to be extremely difficult to break through and provide the maximum  level of protection for you home.

As a part of this rigorous quality and durability testing, our staff are given 15 minutes to try and break open a Rationel windown using a range of tools – including knives, screwdrivers and crowbars.