For example it could be that you have a Georgian property that needs a special Bay Window style or a Victorian home that simply has to feature classical style windows to stay consistent with the neighbourhood. Each style is catered for at Rationel, but that doesn’t mean that the functions of our traditional windows aren’t also modern. Take a look at this link for some living examples of what we mean

Every set of double and triple glazed windows that we manufacture has the same focus on not just style, but also on making your home better use the abundant natural energy that is around us every day. They even meet what’s known as Passive House standards, the measure by which self-sustaining buildings are judged.

Neighbourhood Aesthetics
In many cases, even though a property is privately owned, there is an obligation to replace windows like for like, so as to main a consistent style throughout a neighbourhood. This means whoever you choose to supply your windows, they need to be of that style, be it Tudor, Georgian or even Victorian.

The good news is that our consultants can take all of this into consideration and offer you the perfect replacement windows that are able to look modern, but also blend in with the aesthetic perfectly at the same time.

If it sounds like we’ve been describing your property and the concerns you’ve been having about replacing your windows are the ones we’ve talked about, we’d recommend you talk to one of our friendly consultants on 01 297 1005 and they’ll be able to talk you through your options.

However, if you’d just like to browse at your leisure, take a look through our website for lots and lots more information about what we do.

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