If your energy bills are high and your wonder why, well you can’t necessarily blame your provider, check your windows. More precisely, their seal. If the seal is worn out, there’s your problem. Heat cannot be kept in and cold cannot be kept out. And this is where your money is most likely going.

So, after checking your window seal, you may wonder what caused the window seal to wear out. There are some factors that could have done it:

The first, and most common reason of all, is the age of the window. If you have old windows and so far have done no window refurbishments, well now it’s really time you did. Window seals age and when they do they can’t protect the window like they used to when they were new. So you need to replace it. With a proper seal you don’t even have to replace your windows, a new one will significantly reduce your energy bills.

Another reason the window seal is not doing its job could be down to a badly installed window seal. If it wasn’t fitted correctly it won’t work properly and this would be a reason why the heat is lost. Make sure you hire a competent and well trained window professional to take care of the window seal for you.

Temperature, water and condensation are natural elements that could contribute to the deterioration of window seals. If, for example, you live in an area where it rains a lot and your windows are exposed to a lot of rain, water can seep behind it and cause rust formation if it’s not flushed. Condensation will turn into mould if the seal is not wiped dry and mould will affect it. Temperature extremes will cause it to crack, especially given the fact that the window seal is often directly exposed to heat or cold and to abrupt changes of temperature.

Another factor that can damage it are chemical cleaning products. In time, if they are used too frequently, they can and will affect the seals.
Now that you know the cause, you can fix the problem, and finally, you cannot repair a window seal, only replace it.