The elegant and stylish look provided by Rationel Triple Glazed Windows is only one part of what makes them such a good investment for the home. In addition to their modern aesthetic, our composite doors and windows offer fantastic savings on fuel costs, due to their excellent insulation and energy saving features.


The voluntary energy efficiency standard for buildings in relation to its carbon footprint and its effect on the environment is know as Passivhaus and has rigorous qualifying criteria. Rationel Alu Clad Windows and doors achieve the Passivhaus standard and contribute to achieving the perfect balance and buildings with ultra-low or zero net energy rating.

Optical Clarity

When considering replacement windows, the construction of the frames is not the only thing that needs to be high quality. The glass in Rationel windows has optimum visual clarity, ensuring that the most amount of natural light is allowed into the building, for a pleasant, self-sustaining living environment.

All of our windows are created on a bespoke basis, which means that whether you choose from the modern AURA, AURA PLUS range or the more traditional FORMA, FORMA PLUS range, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with triple and double glazed windows.

The Best

If you are looking to renovate an existing property or choose windows for a new build, then we have the expertise and experience to deliver products that meet the very highest standards of design, manufacturing and energy efficiency.

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