Whilst Rationel timber and alu clad windows are amongst the most durable and great looking replacement windows on the market, there are still some simple things you can do to keep them look at their very best.
So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s required.

Taking Care of Internal Timber
Whilst Rationel windows don’t require a great deal of looking after, we would recommend that you clear away any dirt or dust away from the sash and the frame roughly every 6 months or so. If you have a room in which dust builds more than others, you should consider making it a little more frequent – perhaps every 3-4 months.

Taking Care of the Exterior
Every 12 months or so, a visual check of the exterior of your timber and aluminum windows is advisable, just to make sure that there are no cracks or splits in the wood or paintwork. This is particularly important in west or south facing facades that get more sun than others.

Should you need to touch up any areas of a Rationel timber window, it’s important that you wait until the frame is dry to the touch and that you use a topcoat and a Gloss 20 water based paint. Aside from that, a good wash of the exterior should suffice.

Care for Your Window Hardware
The only other parts of your double or triple glazed windows from Rationel that might need a bit of TLC are the rubber gaskets which can be maintained with a periodic application of silicone and the moving parts of the window mechanism which just require a little acid free oil.

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