Exterior doors get a lot of use, and they face a lot of weather and wear. Continually exposed to the elements, doors provide safety, security, and the immediate impression of our home. Be sure to maintain your exterior doors and clean them thoroughly at least once a year to keep them looking like new. Knowing how to maintain your doors is an important part of home improvement. Connect with the door experts in Ireland to find out the best practises. These are just a few of the top tips for maintaining your doors:

Make sure your hardware is in top shape. This includes the knob, faceplate, hinges and lock. If any of these parts are loose, for example, it’s best to repair or replace any worn hardware. It may be that all you will need to do is tighten the screws.

Maintain your weather stripping. The strip of rubber or foam lining along the bottom and sides of your door are there to help prevent cold air from entering your home. If the weather stripping is old and worn, it may leak warm air, which can require more energy to heat your home and increase your utility bill. 

Get rid of any chipped paint and scuff marks by scraping lightly or sanding. For wood doors, you may need to sand and add several new layers of primer and paint. Applying a new layer of finish or stain might be required. It is also wise to keep the surface clean with a soft cloth and mild dish soap.