If you’re planning on buying new windows then you’ll already know there’s a lot to think about. But don’t worry! Our experts are here to guide you through the decision-making process, helping you find the perfect windows for your home.

There was a time when all a window was expected to do was let in daylight and keep out draughts. Things have changed, however, and modern windows come with so many features that it’s easy to be confused by terms such as energy balance or U-values, not forgetting how the window will look when installed, and how it will operate.


A handy guide to window buying

The ‘right’ windows will make a real difference to your home, both in the way it looks and how it feels throughout the year. This also means that choosing the ‘wrong’ windows can have disastrous results, affecting both the appearance of your home and its day to day performance.

At Rationel, we pride ourselves on our expertise in window design and performance, so here are our six top tips for choosing the perfect window:


Six tips for choosing the perfect windows

1.      Go for quality

The better the quality of the windows you buy, the longer they will last. At Rationel, for example, we test our products to ensure they offer the durability that means a long product lifetime.

2.      Choose windows that complement the style of your home

Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, the best advice is to choose a sympathetic window style. If your windows don’t match the design of your home then the end result could be jarring, so be sure to choose a window that enhances your property, as well as meets your needs in terms of function and performance.

3.      Think about indoor climate

New windows are also the key to lower heating bills and a better indoor climate. Thanks to modern window design, and greater use of triple glazing, draughts and cold spots are a thing of the past which means you can even place furniture next to a window without feeling chilly, helping you make full use of every room.

4.      Consider need for window maintenance

A Rationel window can last up to 80 years if it’s looked after properly. When considering frame construction remember that all-timber window frames will need more care and attention, so for easier maintenance perhaps choose an alu-clad alternative – a timber window frame with an external aluminium skin.

5.      Don’t make life easy for burglars

All Rationel windows are Secured By Design accredited, which means they are rigorously tested to make sure they can withstand common burglary methods, giving you extra security and peace of mind.

 6.    Think about the practicalities

When ordering your windows, you’ll need to answer a few key questions. For example, how do you want your windows to open? Do you need safety features, or windows that can be used as emergency exits? Or do you want windows which can deliver fresh air around the clock?’ With Rationel windows, you can choose from a variety of different opening functions.

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