Sometimes, all you need to spruce up your home exterior is a splash of colour. It’s all it takes to make it pretty, original and inviting. With Ireland’s weather, all our houses could use a bit of colour to cheer us up a bit. This is very easily achievable if you paint your windows or front door in an unconventional colour. You can also add colourful plants, and your home will definitely make a passerby smile.

While colours are a good idea, there are some rules that will save you from turning your front door into an eyesore. Let’s see what they are.

The happiest colour for your front door is yellow. It’s a powerful and bright colour that will bring a ray of sunshine to the feel of your home. Dublin’s gloomy days will instantly be brightened by a welcoming yellow front door. But be careful when you choose one. It’s very intense so the best would be to pair it with neutral hues: gray, white, tan, cream. It also goes well with a wood and metal exterior.

Red front doors will send a powerful and passionate message. It’s a statement colour and it will also make your house a statement in the neighbourhood. Standing for energy, happiness and strength, a red front door will look amazing on darker shades of grey, brown, tan, taupe, and like yellow, it looks great if combined with wood, metal or brick.

Even if orange is not that easy to pair, it will look very well when combined with greys, cream, white or natural materials like stone, cement, wood, glass. Also it would be a good idea to keep the design simple and not clutter your house’s facade with unnecessary decorations. The orange door will be enough to make a statement.

Choose bright green if you don’t like yellow. It’s just as powerful and joyful as yellow, also introducing a touch of freshness. Being the colour with the most shades, you can easily find one to fit your home’s general appearance. Bricks and natural stones are the best colours to pair it with but also darker colours will also work very well.

Blue or purple doors are rarely seen, but when somebody dares to greet people with such unexpected colours, the results are fantastic. They work perfect with natural materials, whites, and greys.

Rationel Windows and Doors has a great variety of front door colours and regardless if you opt for timber doors, composite doors or aluminium doors, we can deliver any colour you wish. You can find part of our colour palette in our brochure, but it’s best if you give us a call so that we can offer you some sound advice and a proper consultation.