Arched structures always make us think about the beautiful architecture of churches and castles of the past. Luckily, with such a great variety of materials and new technologies used by windows manufacturers, the undeniable beauty of arched windows and doors can be part of any home.

Even if your home was not originally built with arched or radius windows, a home renovation may change that and this simple addition can radically transform the way your interior looks. Ever wondered how your living room would look like with arched windows? If not, the gallery on the left shows some examples for inspiration.

As you can see, arched windows are not suitable only for living rooms, but for any room. You can install them in bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms or even in the kitchen. They will instantly give the room a particular feel and a lot of taste. They are so effective, that you can opt either to showcase them as they are or enhance them with gorgeous window treatments making them the focal point in your room.

But, apart from their look, radius windows also have the benefit of letting natural light in. They are usually taller or wider than regular windows and they can be totally operable, or only partially, meaning that they integrate an operable window. You can pick this design when you have small rooms. Their size will make rooms seem larger.

The good news is that radius window frames can be built either on timber or aluminum so whatever your preference is, your home can be equipped with beautiful arched windows.

Just like in the case of picture windows, arched ones are great if you want to highlight an outside landscape.

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