When you visit our doors and windows area, within our the products’ specification you will notice the use of the terms “double glazed” or “triple glazed” as features. Here we will expand a little further on explaining what these terms actually mean and the benefits of these features for your day to day comfort.

Double glazing (double pane) and triple glazing (triple pane) are also known under the more generic name “insulated glazing”. Basically, no matter what terminology we choose to use, it all comes down to the same thing, the manufacturing technique: double or triple glass window panes which are separated by air to reduce heat transfer.

The main benefit of glazing is in its management of heat loss and this is generally determined by the space between the glass panes. If too narrow or too wide, the window will not perform at its optimum. The filling optimum thickness depends on the gas used to fill the space (it’s not necessary air).

The second clear benefit is the sound barrier that can be created as glazing also has an effect on sound mitigation. A large air space will improve the noise insulation. For the best sound dampening solution, there are special products and manufacturing techniques, so please feel free to contact us for further information.