The first and the most important reason is that by choosing triple glazing in your windows will significantly reduce your energy bill.

Having made their entrance in Sweden, where the harsh weather imposed solutions that protected interiors from the cold climate, triple glazing in your windows simply means you will have three panes of glass, hence the term. Widely used in northern areas like Canada, Sweden, Denmark, but also in Ireland and Great Britain, these high performance windows really improve interior temperatures by preventing heat loss. By keeping the heat inside for much longer, you won’t have to turn on the heating system too often. Their performance works so well because between the three panes of glass, which can be treated so that they are more energy efficient, there are two air gaps that can be filled with argon, krypton or xenon.

Some people might think that an extra pane of glass will darken the window. It does, but the effect is so negligible that it’s not even worth mentioning. Being such a strong and heavy window, it can be used on a larger area. You can use it for roof lights or walls of glass, regular windows or doors. Light will enter your home and you won’t be bothered by the slightest darkening of your rooms.

Other reason to choose triple glazed windows would be that their resistance to condensation is excellent. Especially in the colder areas, indoor humidity combined with cold outdoor temperature can cause condensation of interiors. This happens because windows lose heat and they are the least insulated in your home. Of course, this is not the case with triple glazed windows, which are highly insulated and prevent cold air from entering your home.

Then another is that they considerably reduce noise transmission. No one likes loud noises in the street or those that come from neighbours. With triple glazed windows, noise is reduced to a minimum.

They are more expensive than double glazed windows, but the benefits are worth it.