We can list several reasons why a window seat is good to have in one or more of your rooms, but the truth is, none of them is as good as this: they are beautiful and comfortable, nice to look at and nice to sit on and relax. But, besides that, a window seat will give you extra storage space and it can accentuate the architectural elements of the room.
What originally looked like a leftover space in old houses, today it can be filled with a built-in seat and provide both storage and seating area. You can use small sofas, benches, pillows and cushions, throws or a small mattress and you can create a very inviting window seat where you can sit and enjoy a book, a drink or a talk with your friend.
Window seats are not only for one room of your house, they are so cosy that you can create one in the kitchen, in your bathroom, living room, office, kids’ room, even on your porch or in a hall. Any sunny nook in your home can be transformed if you add a seat to curl-up in. In your kitchen it can be added at your breakfast nook and provide extra seat at the table. In your bathroom, a window seat can serve you well when relaxing after a bath, in your living room it can help you when you have guests and not enough chairs, in your nursery, it’s a great place to spend time with your newborn.
And when it comes to storage, under the bench, you can opt for either shelves to store your books or magazines, drawers for a more compact look or baskets and boxes that keep away small things like toys. You can store your dinnerware if you have a window seat in your kitchen or bulky pots that you don’t use on a daily basis. Or, you can create a window seat to cover your radiator, as long as you let it breathe through a pierced encasement.
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