Nowadays, window glass panes are not what they used to be. Before, their only functions were to protect interiors from rain, snow and wind and to offer people a good view of the outside. But today, window glass does so much more than this. It can reduce the noise, protect your interiors from too much heat or too much cold, it’s as strong as iron, so burglars can’t break it. So let us tell you all in this article.

If you’re interested in energy efficiency and reducing the thermal loss, by installing the proper windows your energy bills will significantly diminish. We’ve elaborated more on the subject of energy efficiency in this article.

Secure windows is what you need if you’re concerned about your security. You can opt for alarm glass, which is laminated with a very thin wire between the glass panes, that will trigger the alarm connected to the electrical system. Another option is laminated glass panes, these are so tough, that will take a serious effort to break them.

Safety window panes differ from the secure ones because when they break they shatter into small pieces so that you can’t cut yourself.

Disturbed by the amount of light that enters through your windows? You have a few options when it comes to coloured glass. For sunny facades, you need glass paned that will prevent overheating during hot summer days. You can opt for tinted glass on grey, green or other protective colours.

Annoyed by the sound of street? Easily solve this problem with soundproof windows. The noise is significantly reduced by a new technology which uses two thicker glass panes separated by a wider space. Read more about soundproof windows. For more glass option, refer to our online brochure and give us a call.