Modern and contemporary styles, not to mention the futuristic style, all feature a certain use of geometry, of following straight lines. Curves are the focus of most other styles and very seldom used in more modern approaches. 

Luckily, nowadays, you can have a window built in absolutely any shape you desire and nothing is ever too complicated to create. Take a look at these unusually shaped windows and you’ll see what we are talking about.  However, today we will focus on the straight, rigid lines that create the beautiful exterior designs we see most often used on contemporary style buildings.

For example, the first photo is of a house that has rectangular or square windows, but cleverly parted in more geometrical figures.
Our second image shows how windows don’t have to stop a few feet or inches under the roof, they can follow the roof line in a triangular shape.
A great way to let more natural light in is using a wall of windows that can or cannot be opened. And if the window is a large one, like the one in image 3 it’s almost impossible to use a single uncut pane. The photo will demonstrate how beautiful a geometrical window can look.
The 4th image is really amazing and it’s here we can really begin to understand how windows can be used to create a great architectural design.
Skylights (image 5) are those windows where architects and window manufacturers can get creative. We have some examples here and here. Pure geometry and symmetry. 
A very interesting way to obtain an unusual geometry is by installing corner windows. Read more about them in this article and get inspired by our 6th image.