Live in Ireland for long enough and you soon realise that the weather here can be harsh! So, when this weather strikes, you need to know that your new windows and composite doors are going to be able to stand up to it. The good news is that when you invest in Rationel alu clad windows, you’re very much taken care of in this regard.

However, that’s not their only quality, as Rationel double and triple glazed windows are able to help you to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature all year round – saving you lots of money into the bargain! So what is it about Rationel alu clad windows that makes them so durable?

Built to Stand the Test of Time
Rationel replacement windows come as either standard timber or timber with an aluminium cladding on the exterior. This cladding creates an impervious barrier that the weather simply can’t get through and what’s more, these exterior surfaces will stay looking as great as the day you bought them with very little maintenance required.

Many standard types of windows require a periodic paint touch-up to stay looking great, but alu clad windows from Rationel only need a regular clean and they’ll look incredible for years – even in the face of the worst that the Irish weather can throw at them.

Invest in the Look, Function & Value of Your Home
When you buy alu clad windows from Rationel Windows and Doors Ireland, you invest in not only the look of your home, but also the function and the value. Our products also meet Passive House standards, meaning that your home will be able to maintain a pleasant indoor climate, regardless of what’s happening outside.

If you’d like to know more about our industry-leading products, visit us online where you’ll also find details about how our bespoke windows can be created to suit and contemporary or traditional style. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss your needs with one of our expert consultants, call us today on 01 297 1005 and we’ll find the perfect solution to your needs.