Without the proper lighting, an attractive room can easily become drab and dreary. The type of lighting you use in your room can also make or break the functionality of your space, so it is important to understand your needs and choose your lighting wisely. 

By choosing a combination of lighting for functionality and accent lighting, you can create a versatile space that suits your needs while highlighting the features of your room. For example, if you have art or objects in your room worthy of a spotlight, you can use track lighting to call attention to your most attractive things. 

Ask yourself what the purpose of your space is – what will you be spending the most time doing while in there? In the kitchen or an office where study is done, bright lighting is crucial. On the other hand, if you do more relaxing and television watching, such as in your living room, ambient lighting might be appropriate. But perhaps the most important light source that we often overlook comes in the form of natural light. Choose window treatments that exploit the natural light you already have in the room, such as sheer panels. 

Colours tend to look different in natural light versus artificial light, so keep this in mind when you are choosing your wall paint. Remember that lighter colours create the illusion of space. When used in conjunction with natural light, you can create an extensive effect of added space. A room with a lot of natural light is also a great place to experiment with darker shades, as the reflection of natural sunlight on the walls will help to keep the space from feeling cramped or dreary. Check with the window experts to install new and larger windows, which can help make a space look brighter and much more welcoming.