Your windows are an important part of your home. They are how you see the world from each room of your house, and they allow in natural light, without sacrificing warmth and security. The old way of the window has gone in the place of newer and more sensible materials. Perhaps the most popular are “Alu Clad” windows, a term many in the industry use to refer to the use of Aluminium Clad Timber materials first introduced by the Scandinavians. No longer do homeowners have to worry about weakened or splintering wood from weather and wear, now you can have durable and maintenance free window options for your home or your business.

With many different options for colour and fit, and an external finish that will not wear from weather or age, you will be happy you chose Au Clad windows. Made with the strength and durability of aluminium on the outside, and the warmth and structure of timber on the inside, you get the best of both world, and a huge selection of colour and options for the finished look. Do you need a new window for your bathroom, but worry about the moisture? Do you need to replace your living room windows, but want a minimalist style? These are just some of the reasons to use Aluminium Clad windows for your home.

For the best selection of Au Clad windows Ireland has to offer, contact us at Rationel. With over thirty years of serving people in all corners of Ireland, we have the quality products and the experience you need.