A product of modern architecture, narrow windows have gained more and more popularity due to their shape and functionality. Being narrow and tall they can be used in any small room to give it the fresh air and the light it needs, also allowing room for some great interior decor without stealing the space needed for you to achieve your desire look. 

Let’s take a few examples and examine the approaches that have been used to get the most from these window designs.

Image 1 in our gallery features a living room, which besides a ceiling to floor picture window also sports a triad of narrow windows. What these windows bring to the room is extra light and a beautiful, calming scenery. Also, they allow furniture and art to occupy the same space without interfering in any way with the decor. Just adding something unexpected and welcome.
Image 2 is of a narrow window placed in a bathroom. Not from ceiling to floor, although we think it would have looked even more spectacular, but occupying 3 quarters from the height of the room. The narrowness of the bathroom requires this type of window, even if a horizontal thin window would have also been as adequate. 
The galley kitchen in image 3 shows a narrow window behind the sink that also allows a cabinet to float on the wall next to it. This is what we call clever use of space. The window is tall enough to let a lot of air and light in, so why not adopt this design AND have extra storage space in such a well designed kitchen?
One of the best places for narrow windows is there where light is less likely to enter the house. And this is on a staircase. By adding one or more thin and tall windows like the ones in image 4, not only you’ll save money on your energy bill, but also create an original and great looking design in your house. 
Did you think that narrow windows would look odd in a bedroom? Take a look at image 5 and maybe you’ll change your mind. Yes, we love big, large windows too, but we cannot deny the beauty, the originality and the usefulness of these windows. 
We’ve tried to cover all rooms in a house and show you that this type of window is suitable anywhere. We can show you even more, but we’re pretty sure that we’ve managed to give you some food for thought. Should you decide that this or other type of window is what you want, give us a call, and we’ll turn your ideas into reality.