Are you building a new home, or renovating the exterior of your current one? Choosing the best windows is one of the most important decisions you will make in this process. Be sure to weigh all of your options and think of the best long term solution. You don’t want to have to go through this such a large project again, and you should be able to enjoy your new windows for many years to come! 

If winter gusts seep through your curtains and bring in an icy chill to the room, you may have older and worn windows. Not only are these leaks and drafts uncomfortable, leaving them untreated can really increase your electricty bill. If your windows are made with a single pane, chances are they do not hold in the heat in the most efficient way. There are some temporary fixes for treating old and worn windows. One way is by adding weather stripping and sealing off cracks and holes. You can also use shrink film in the winter months by using some double-sided tape and clear plastic sheets, which shrinks to a tightly sealed finish when heated with heat gun or a hair dryer. 

These are a few easy ways you can try to seal out cold air, though they do not offer a permanent solution. For outdated and degenerating windows, or when you are deciding on the best windows for a renovation, consider installing triple glazed windows. Energy efficient triple-pane windows are quieter and more comfortable than even double-pane. This will do wonders for your energy bill, as triple glazed windows during winter can help keep your home warm, comfortable, and air tight.