When it comes to the winter, everything changes; it starts to get dark in the afternoon, everybody starts talking about Christmas as the trees and decorations are installed, and the weather gets steadily colder. Although we can’t do much about the first two, we do have a solution for the third and it comes in the shape of triple-glazed insulation.

At Rationel, we’re fortunate to offer AURA and AURAPLUS which are two types of windows and doors designed to keep your home warm. Although sleek and minimalistic in design, they create the perfect balance between allowing light in while keeping the cold outside. Before we head into the many benefits of triple-glazed windows, we should first say that all our products in these ranges pass the Passive House standard of energy efficiency; this means your bills will reduce alongside CO2 emissions.

Benefits of Triple-Glazed Insulation – In the winter, we quickly find the problems within our home and it normally comes from the windows and doors. If there are gaps in the frame or perhaps the windows are too thin, this causes a double-effect; the cold comes in while the heat escapes. In turn, you’ll need the heating on for longer and you’ll end up paying excessive amounts on your bills.

With triple glazing, you receive 52mm glass and argon gas insulation between each panel. This, coupled with the warm edge spacer, means that solar heat can still come in through the windows without letting in the cold. With these designs installed, you won’t need the heating on for as long and you can stay warm even as we head into the coldest months of the calendar year.

Customization – Not only do these windows and doors provide function, they’re also extremely flexible with their design. For example, a window could be top-guided, top-swing, side-hung, fixed, or side-guided. Furthermore, a door could be a patio, panelled, window, entrance, or sliding patio design. Even after this, you’ll choose between a range of colours and additional glazing options to suit your needs!