To notice a transom, you need to look up. They are located above a door, be it entrance door or interior door, and above other windows. Besides being a decor detail, they also have a useful purpose: to ventilate the room. Not all of them will open, some will be just decorative, but nevertheless, their charm cannot be denied. 

Transom windows are usually installed in rooms with high ceilings and they can as well be oversized because the room’s height allows it. They will let more light in and will also give the impression that the doors are even larger. 

They can decorate virtually any door or window in your house, regardless if it’s your bathroom, living room, children’s room, hallway or kitchen. Here are a few nice ideas on how you can make a transom window draw the attention when you enter the room.

Stained glass looks amazing whether you have a transom over the bedroom doors or when dividing a kitchen from a living room. Take a look at image 1 and 2 in our gallery to the left.

Sash windows as transoms are a great idea if you live in a traditional style house and also have some French doors to go with them. Just beautiful (image 3).

Wood profile forms on transoms will create a very interesting effect that will definitely make a focal point of these windows. (image 4)

A different colour for the transoms will surely make the eyes go up. They are cleverly accentuated to match the colours in the room. (image 5) 

Also, transoms are even more eye-catching when they have an unusual shape. Arched or oddly shaped transoms are gorgeous above both interior and exterior doors. (images 6 and 7)

What do you think? Fancy a transom?