What’s one of the most attractive features of any room? Is it the decor? Is it the furniture? Well, they are important aspects, but when an internal space has plenty of daylight coming in, it looks bigger, brighter and more welcoming. The solution to create an abundance of daylight in any room are french doors that roughly double the amount allowed in by traditional replacement windows.

At Rationel, we offer a wide range of bespoke alu clad windows and we do a rather popular selection of french doors and windows too, which can also be created to your precise requirements. Allowing this extra light in also allows you to maintain a comfortable indoor climate all-year-round with much less need to use powered heating – making your home more energy efficient.

Added Function & Convenience
Something else that french windows offer is convenience, as they allow you to bring the outside in, just by opening them. Whether installed on a ground floor, looking out onto a garden or an upper floor balcony, they add a function to the room in question that makes it easier to enjoy those Summer afternoons without having to go outside.

What’s more, those available from Rationel are created with the same exacting standards as our other double and triple glazed windows and composite doors. As well as adding all this style and function, our windows and doors add value to your home whilst making it cheaper to run.

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