Triple glazed windows have many benefits, but most people choose them for their energy efficiency. Our double glazed windows are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, but they can’t compare to your triple glazed windows.

All of our energy saving windows have argon gas between the panes, as well as an insulating spacer. Argon gas is a superior insulator. Double glaze allows for one layer of argon, while triple glazing allows for two layers of the insulating gas.

North Facing Windows

Uw value refers to how well the window retains heat inside your home. North facing windows do not receive much sunlight, so you want them to have as low a uw value as possible, because this means that there is little heat being lost. Our standard Double glazed window has a Uw value of 1.3. Our triple glazed windows designed to be north facing have a Uw value of .79.

South, East, and West Facing Windows

South, East, and West facing windows can bring solar heat into your home through your windows. The trick is to make sure you are gaining more heat than you are losing. WER value refers to the value of the solar energy going into your home minus any heat that is coming out. A positive value means your window brings in more energy than it loses. A negative value means that your window loses more heat than it brings in.

The WER value on our double glazed windows is -3. Our lower Uw triple glazed windows are -2.7. Our windows designed to be south facing, however, have a WER value of 23.9. This means they bring in much more heat than they lose.