A front door offers a homeowner a great sense of security, by keeping you and your family safe, but it also does a lot more than that. It helps your home retain heat, it helps keep the rain and bad weather out, and it compliments the overall style of your home. When you think of using a durable, well-fitted, and reliable material for your door, think of using composite doors. 

As a visible feature, an external door will be one of the first things people see on your home, and having a material that does not show weather or wear is important. When you think of the cold and wet weather in Ireland, you will appreciate the durability of composite doors.

Composite doors are made of several materials. They are designed to be dressed like traditional painted woods, but finished with extremely durable and weather and impact resistant thermoplastic. They are low maintenance options as well, with never needing to be varnished or repainted, and they will never fade or warp. They can also easily replicate a particular period piece or be designed to look like any particular style of door, allowing you to compliment the home rather than compromise on the look. 

With energy efficient design and a strong and secure material, composite doors are the perfect choice for a new front door. 

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