Let’s take a closer look into what makes our replacement timber and alu clad classical windows such a good investment for any home.

Supremely Efficient
When you talk about energy efficient windows, most people think first and foremost about the retention of heat during the winter, but there’s so much more to our double and triple glazed windows than that. To begin with, they’re designed to maintain a comfortable indoor climate, rather than just keep the heat in.

During the summer, an invisible reflective layer keeps heat out when it’s not needed. So in addition to reducing heating bills, there’s much less need for equally power hungry air conditioning systems to be used. A comfortable indoor temperature is the aim and something that our windows are able to do with ease.

Minimal Maintenance
So, we’ve already mentioned briefly that our traditionally designed windows look really fresh and stylish, so the question needs to be asked – how long do they stay looking that way? Well, all of our windows and composite doors come with a 5 year warranty and require very little maintenance, especially when alu clad windows are chosen. Even our timber windows only require a regular clean to keep them looking great for years.

Not only that, but they’re really secure, as each Rationel window comes with our extremely robust security ironmongery as standard.

It only remains to say that as well as traditional windows, Rationel Ireland offers a wide range of bespoke window options that can improve any property, regardless of age or design. For more information on anything in this blog or to view everything we do at Rationel, please visit our website www.rationel.ie now.

Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to one of our expert team, call now on 01 297 1005. They’re ready and waiting to help you in any way they can.