Except with the entrance door, you can install a sliding door basically everywhere in your house and it won’t look ridiculous. On the contrary, sliding doors are very practical and good looking. And if you choose them to be made of glass, you’ll also add the benefit of light flowing from room to room. 

You can have them separate your kitchen from your living room, allowing you to keep an eye on your children playing and be able to cook at the same time.

You can install sliding glass doors to separate a room from an outside area like a patio, veranda or terrace. The glass panels can be frosted to offer privacy, but being made of glass, you’ll enjoy the daylight as well.

A sanded glass sliding door can also separate a bedroom from its bathroom or an office from the rest of the house.

Why are sliding doors practical and more suitable than other different opening functions? First, because they don’t take up space when they are opened, like swing doors will do. Then, as highlighted above, they will allow air and light circulate from room to room, contributing to reducing your energy bill. Add to that the aesthetic feature and you’ll also have a beautiful decor.

For inspiration, please view our gallery in the left, and keep in mind that whatever design you have in mind for an interior door, be it a glass door or an alu clad door, the Rationel team has endless ideas and resources to provide you with the exact product you are looking for.