The retro window look that is so trendy today is based on a type of window that first appeared in England in 1670s. As more and more people are choosing to build classically styled homes, one of the most popular window type is the double hung window with sliding sashes and is coming back into fashion. But unlike in the 17th century, the aesthetics and technology used in these new sash windows are fantastic.
But do you know what to ask or what to look for when shopping for a classy sash window? There is a number of characteristics that will show you how much the windows industry has improved and how suitable these windows are for your home.
1. Before going shopping, talk to a window specialist and see if the existing frames (the parts that remain after the removal of moving sections) can be saved or not. That is, of course, if you are replacing your windows and not installing new ones. In order to be able to use the same frames, they should be in a perfect condition, as good as new. This will save you money and time, but take into consideration that you should match the frames with the new windows and this means extra costs.
2. It’s highly important that your windows are energy efficient. Meaning that the glazing has to repel the outside temperatures. So make sure that your new sash windows, have the specified U Factor suitable to the climate where you live, if you need double or triple glazing, ask your contractor to confirm that genuine argon gas was fed into the spaces between the glass when manufactured.
3. Pay attention to durability of the seals in the windows, especially if you live in a zone with local temperature extremes. Make sure your windows were pressure tested and if the flexible seals between the fixed and the moving elements are strong enough. Also read the guarantee terms and conditions very carefully.
4. Childproof locks are a good option even if you don’t have small children.
5. Double hung windows are very easy to clean. You may not think about this particular aspect when shopping for windows, but it can save you a lot of time and effort. Many of them come with a tilt-in mechanism that will may cleaning much easier.
These are only a few things to take into consideration before purchasing double hung windows. They can be costly, but the investment will prove to be rewarding when you take into account all the advantages over the longer-term.