Windows may seem like a simple thing. Open them for air, and close them to keep in the warmth. There are, however, many things that go into the making of a quality window. When you are deciding on the best windows to purchase for a new property, or the what windows to buy for a home renovation, look to the advice of the experts.  

Understand why you should choose sash windows or if a custom window might be best for your situation. Windows on many older homes in Ireland can be equipped with outdated, single glazing. If you are dealing with older sash windows, there are still many benefits to sticking with this style.

Sash windows are made of one or more movable panels, forming a frame to hold various panes of glass. Narrow strips of wood often separate these panes of glass. Commonly, you slide them vertically or horizontally to open. Sash windows may be fitted with hinges that allow the window to be locked on one side while the other side is detached, which allows the window to be opened conveniently for cleaning. While older sash windows with single glazing does pose a problem for energy efficiency, replacing the glazing or adding a secondary glazing might be an option over full window replacement. 

For some, upgrading to triple glazed windows might be the most energy efficient decision. To get an idea of how good your windows are and what your options are, contact the window experts in Dublin so you know exactly what options you have.