Choosing colours for the exterior of your home and windows can be a real challenge, especially when there are so many options to choose from. In addition, there are many elements that must match in order to give the house the right look. In most cases, the best results will come with help and advice from professionals who will know what to recommend based on to your preferences and needs. A wrong choice may end up being a costly mistake and you will either have to get used to it or start all over again. So, before spending too much money, make sure you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the colours for your house, which means that special attention needs to be paid to the window colours as well.
If you’re going through a renovation or you are building a new house, the advantage is that you can choose the colour of your windows when replacing them and you will not need to paint them. There is an extremely wide range of colours available that covers almost any architectural style, so no matter the style of your house, you should be able to find the colour you want for your windows. A splash of colour will completely transform your home by personalising it. Every colour is an emotional decision and it’s part of your story. Adding it to your home means make it even more yours.

Let’s take some examples. A darker painted house will look great with cream or almond window frames and matching trims. Also, a brick house paired with grey or almond windows will certainly draw the eye and white windows would look amazing on a teal house. Also, a light grey brick house looks classy with darker grey windows.

Accent colours are perfect for front doors, shutters, and windows frames. What’s more, the most interesting and beautiful part of your home could be accent coloured windows. If you go for accent colours, choose complementary colours to your house paint, like red opposed to green, blue, opposed to red or yellow opposed to red. Special attention should be paid to the trim colour, because it highlights the architectural elements and creates a 3D effect. If combined with darker sashes they will seem to recede in the background. When choosing accent colours for your home or windows, make sure that the general exterior aspect of your home doesn’t stand out too much, but is subtly eye catching.
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