Sometimes replacing your windows is an obvious decision. Are your windows made with a single pane of glass and timber? Have the wooden frames become severely weathered and worn throughout the seasons? If your windows let in an obvious cold draft or they leak the heat in your home, then it quickly becomes obvious that it’s time to replace your windows. But what are some other reasons? In Ireland, energy efficiency is an important reason for upgrading to features like double glazed wooden or using alu-clad materials. 

If you find it’s necessary to replace your windows, contact the experts in window design and installation to enquire about available services and installation.

If you are considering replacing the windows in your home, here are a few additional benefits to help you make your decision:

Your utility bills can become less expensive with good quality windows. They ensure your home uses less energy to heat the home, and the result is a noticeable reduction in your monthly utility bills. 

Windows that are energy efficient are also known to use less oil and natural gas, which is commonly used to heat homes. Using less oil and natural gas decreases green house gases emitted into the environment.

Old windows may contain lead paint, which is dangerous for both children and adults. Likewise, old sealing might let in moisture and lead to mold. This puts your household at risk. Mold can become airborne and it has the potential to be life threatening.