There comes a time when your existing windows need replacement, despite your best efforts to repair them. If you have an older home with the original windows, they are likely single-glazed and have poor insulation, and they may become very worn, or even cracked, from time and harsh weather.

The costs of replacing your windows depend on the sizes and the materials used. Wooden frames are commonly the more expensive option, but many people prefer the more sophisticated look of timber frames. The choice between double-glazed and triple-glazed also determines how much cost goes into the replacement. While double glazed windows are the new standard, triple-glazed provides the most insulation. The materials you choose will ultimately be a decision based on both your taste and affordability, but remember to keep in mind future savings

Choosing to replace your single-glazed windows with double-glazed or better can help save on your energy costs. The average energy savings in a detached home after installing double-glazed windows can reach €230 every year in Ireland. When windows are properly insulated and sealed, the cold will stay out and the heat will stay in, and the other way around! 

Not only will your new windows help to better insulate your home, but they will also help to lessen your future energy costs. Just be sure to have them installed properly, in line with government building regulations. 

If you’re ready to replace your windows we are available to you both in Dublin and the countrywide, so contact us at Rationel and we can help you find the perfect windows and properly install them, so your home will be more energy efficient!