At Rationel Windows and Doors Ireland, we offer a highly customizable product that can be combined with a choice of regular or dynamic glass that is able to react to levels of sunlight and reduce heat load when required. When standard types of glass are used in single-plane, double or triple glazed windows, the ambient heat can restrict building designers in respect of how much glass they are able to use.

Design Options
There is another type of freedom afforded to architects and designers by our windows and that’s in their customisable aesthetic. Rationel timber and aluminium windows are available in a choice of shapes (depending on design of replacement windows), size, monolithic (single-pane), double-glazed, triple-glazed, tinted options, with the added option of Low-E panes. This means that whatever the look and purpose of your building, we have an ideal window for it and if that weren’t enough, our windows meet the rigorous standards required to be called Passive House compliant.

Want to Find Out More?
If you’d like to know more about why Rationel timber and alu-clad windows and composite doors are a great way to increase the value, energy efficiency and look of your home, head over to our website, where you’ll find lots of information and advice.

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