Sometimes one of the most overlooked items in a house are the interior doors. People usually tend to forget how important they are and what benefits they bring to an interior. Apart from letting light and air flow through the rooms, they can be really cost saving and this alone is one of the greatest assets they can bring to a home.
Interior glass doors are those essential items that can go unnoticed, but this doesn’t have to be the case in your house. Glass doors can really make a statement and add a dramatic effect to the spaces they separate. So when you plan a remodelling, don’t overlook this important part. There are plenty of materials, styles and design you can choose for an interior door, but in this article we’ll discuss the glass doors styles. Please view the gallery on the left.
You can opt for sliding doors, which will take the minimal amount of space, because they slide along the wall, or behind a fixed glass wall.

Folding doors
are used in small spaces, but they look great when they separate a living room from the rest of the house.

Pocket doors
, just like sliding doors, are really space-saving, even more than sliding doors, because they slip into the wall and don’t need that extra space on the wall of the room. What’s more, they create the feeling of a wider space, more open, more refreshed.

French doors are our favourite and the most common in households all over the country. Their beauty and bourgeois feel is doubled by the amount of light they let in. Usually installed to separate a garden from the interior, a balcony from a bedroom, or an office from the rest of the house, they are the perfect choice for any type of home.

Interior glass doors are perfect for more visibility too. When working from home, a closed room may be really dull, but with glass doors, everything is more open, lighter, and brighter. Sunlight can cheer you up.

An interior door is vital to a house, so why not choose a lovely one?