Windows are our connection to the outside world and without them, we’d be living in rooms devoid of light and air. This is the main reasons why people prefer to opt for larger windows (now that they are so well insulated and won’t make your home draughty and cold) so that sunlight and fresh air enter their home making the indoors feel more alive and open. But when you don’t have a larger window, what can you do to make the most of it? In this article we’ll give you a few tips and tricks on how to design around them so that a greater amount of air and light fill up your rooms.
1. De-clutter around your windows
That means remove anything that blocks access to your windows or that prevents opening them. No armoires near them, no decorations on the windowsills, no heavy curtains that block air and light. Windows should be able to open wide, so open them and enjoy the light and freshness.
2. Extend your rods
We said before that no heavy curtains should prevent air to enter your room. However, curtains are important and there is a trick you can do to have it both ways. Extend your rod so that your curtains don’t block the window in anyway when they are drawn.
3. Add a mirror
Mirrors reflect light and make your room brighter. Place a mirror on the opposite wall to a window for a bonus energy efficiency.
4. Use white paint around your windows
If your room is darker, the trick is to paint it white so that light makes it look bigger. But if your room is painted in a darker colour, paint your window frame and windowsills white. The sunlight will send the light in your room reflecting it. If you choose black or brown, the warmth and light will be absorbed and your room will be darker.
5. Open your windows
The best option of all is to simply open your windows wide and let air and light enter.