The doors we are refering to here are sliding doors, double doors, even garage doors. But mainly doors that a burglar would use to gain acccess to your house, doors that can be points of entrance for them: balcony doors, patio doors etc.

Entry doors are usually secured with a deadbolt lock, but for the above mentioned type of doors, this is not the most aestheticly pleasing approach. And leaving the aesthetics aside, it’s also not practical. But there are other types of locks that can be used, and in this article, we’ll expand on the subject.

How to secure sliding doors?

One of the most common methods used by thieves when they come across sliding doors is to lift them so that they come out of their tracks. You can prevent that by inserting a strong metal spacer plate between the door and the tracks on the ceiling. You can do it yourself, or you can call a windows and doors specialist.

Another method to secure a sliding door is to drill a hole into the inside door frame and the outside frame and insert a steel pin through them so that it keeps them together and impossible to open.

How to secure double doors?

These type of interior doors require more effort, because they must be prevented from opening both ways. And this can be done the easiest with deadbolt locks, high-security strike plates and reinforced hinges. Don’t forget to secure them both at the top and at the bottom.

How to secure sectional doors?

We’ve talked about the originality of having sectional doors instead of patio doors in this article. But just as is the case with garage doors (sectional doors are practically garage doors), they are very tempting for burglars, so they require special attention. The first thing you should do is to make sure that the sectional door is not loose or damaged and it’s completely functional. Usually, automatic garage doors come with a factory code that needs to be changed after their installation. If you opt for such a door instead of other type of doors for your house, make sure you change that code, because thieves do have a way to find those factory codes. Besides, garage doors can also be secured with various locks that can be found either at the producer’s or in specialist shops.