Preparing your home for entry onto the market takes a lot of time and effort, but what if you could make your home that much more sellable with just one change?

Rationel windows and doors instantly improve the look of any home they are installed into and combined with their energy efficient qualities, can added thousands to the asking price.


At Rationel, we place quality products along with great customer service, right at the forefront of everything we do. Our double and triple glazed windows and doors are crafted from either traditional timber or a more modern aluminium cladding for extra durability.

If your home is older and has a more traditional feel, our Forma range of windows offer the elegance of a classic design with the benefits of modern, durable materials.

Energy Efficient

No one likes paying energy bills, especially when they’re higher than they should be. Energy efficiency is a highly marketable quality for a property to have and will mean you can command a higher price. In a very real sense, Rationel windows and doors can more than pay for themselves.

Long Term Benefits

While the long term benefits of our windows and doors are numerous, you are not going to be there long enough to enjoy them if the sale of your home goes as planned. However, being able to offer a buyer a house with such stylish, robust and energy-saving features is going to make you home a very attractive proposition.

For more information on our superb selection of classic and modern timber and alu-clad windows and doors to improve your home for sale, why not give us a call on 1800 292929, visit our website on or pop into one of our showrooms across in Ireland in Galway, Newry, Cork or Dublin.

Spend on Rationel windows and composite doors and you could find yourself in the enviable position of having more money to finance your next property. A great reason we think, to consider investing in your future.

We look forward to helping you achieve that goal.