It would be hard to find a city today no matter how small or big it is, that doesn’t have at least one building made up of windows. And, as you might suspect, those windows are not regular windows.  Externally, they must be resistant to weather conditions and impact.  Internally, they should offer thermal insulation, sound-proofing, security and must protect the people that work in those offices from UV light.

Luckily, today’s windows can meet all these conditions and many, many more. A building made of windows is a serious financial investment, but considering the benefits it has for the people working in them, it’s more than worth it. 

Let’s take each of the glazing benefits and be amazed at how far technology and window manufacturing has arrived.

Thermal insulation

In a home or a building, heat is lost especially through windows and doors. But with double glazed and engineered windows, this is not a problem anymore. People can enjoy natural light which is beneficial for their general wellbeing while the energy bills are considerably reduced.


We have all heard of bullet proof glass. Double and triple glazing offer the same protection and they are very hard to break, if not impossible by human force. What new technology also does is make the glass turn into a sand-like texture when broken, this means no more dangers posed to people from shattered shards from windows or glass doors.


Who could work in a loud environment or bothered by street noise? No one. This is why today a glass window can included the materials to block the noise from these types of disturbances. Noise can be almost completely reduced.

UV-light protection

UV-light is not only dangerous to human skin but also to furniture and furnishing. Sunlight can discolour everything in an office building and also harm people’s health. But windows nowadays are equipped with UV-light protection and everybody is safe behind those windows.