Part of Ireland’s rich architectural heritage, the Georgian style is reminiscence of a romantic era that we don’t seem to want to let go. And why should we, when Georgian houses look so beautiful even after centuries after they first became popular?
And you don’t even have to buy an old Georgian house, because you can have one built for you. But do you know what key characteristics of the Georgian style are?
Let’s start with Georgian windows, as we are windows manufacturers, it’s only natural to begin with them. Windows in Dublin are so eclectic that it’s easy to mix up styles. Georgian style houses are characterised by large sash windows, but make no mistake: sash windows should have thin, refined glazing bars. It’s easy to get them wrong if you don’t pay attention to their size, shape, and position. Usually the bars are made of wood, but if you prefer, they can come in iron or brass, painted to look like wood. As for the glass panes, they are significantly improved nowadays compared to the Victorian era. In old Georgian houses it is likely that their sash windows might not be in the best condition. But you do have the option to double glaze them, even triple glaze if it’s necessary. Double glazed windows will keep your house warmer but if you live in a part of Ireland where the cold is really harsh and double glazing isn’t sufficient, you can opt for triple glazed windows, but be aware that the costs are higher. Nevertheless, the results are remarkable and it is most certainly a good investment.
But besides sash windows, a Georgian house should feature symmetrical elevation and simplicity in design on the outside, and high ceilings and geometrical floor plan on the inside. The style is also famous for its uniformity, calm use of colour, classic pilasters and delicate furniture.
Here are some photos of new, old and renovated  Georgian houses to inspire you.