It’s nearly impossible to conceive that there is someone out there that doesn’t like French doors. They are so exquisite and so versatile that they will fit and flatter any type of interior décor of any style.

While they can come in any shape or size or opening style, they will always remain the transparent doors that separate and connect two spaces. It’s not necessary for your house to be designed in a country or traditional style, French interior doors will fit anywhere, without looking like they don’t belong there. They really do, so don’t worry.

You can have a French door separate two indoor spaces or indoor from outdoor. You can have them separate a kitchen from a terrace, a bedroom from a balcony or an office from a living room. There are no hard or fast rules to dictate where you should or should not install these doors. But there are places where French doors will really enhance the charm of a room especially when you have a spectacular view in front of them. Living in a house that faces a beach, a wood, a lake, a great city panorama, or simply a fabulous garden? This is the place where you really should use them.

We’ve mentioned their opening style and we do encourage you to opt not only for the hinged French doors, but also consider sliding or folding doors, they won’t lose their charm.

The most beneficial thing about French doors is that they will let a lot of light and air come into your house, they will fill it and they will give you a feel of freedom. And when you’re tired or want to reduce the amount of light in your rooms, you can always adorn them with heavy curtains to protect you from too much sunlight.

If you fear that French doors aren’t energy efficient, or they can be installed only in areas where it’s always sunny and warm, rest assured that this is not the case. They can come as double, even triple glazed and you can have them in any climate you want.