If you own a traditionally styled home and you’re looking for replacement windows that you can trust, you could do much worse than consider FORMA Plus from Rationel. Created from responsibly sourced timber and aluminium, our FORMA Plus range are available in a wide variety of traditional designs and configurations.

Easy to Maintain
Our FORMA Plus range is part of our choice of alu clad windows which offer an easy-to-maintain exterior and all the benefits that come with natural wood inside. The external aluminium cladding on both our triple and double glazed windows means that very little upkeep is required to keep them looking amazing for years and years.

Passivhaus-Compliant Design
One of the reasons why our Rationel FORMA Plus windows are such a great investment for your home is that they’re so good at maintaining a comfortable indoor climate in any home they’re installed in. Highly adept at retaining heat when it’s cold and keeping the heat out when it’s warm, you’ll see the effect they bring every month on your energy bill. So good are they at reducing your carbon footprint that they’re even passivhaus compliant – the highest standard in energy conservation in construction.

Want to See More?
To fully grasp the quality of our FORMA Plus windows and indeed all of the bespoke windows and composite doors that we manufacture, we recommend that you make your way to a Rationel showroom near you. Only then can you get a feel for the supreme levels of workmanship that go into every one of our products.

To find out where your local showroom is, take a look at our website www.rationel.ie where you’ll also find lots of information about what we do. Alternatively, if you’re after an expert consultation, give us a call now on 01 297 1005 or fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.