Regardless of the style or the design a house is built in, we will always recommend homeowners to opt for having lots of windows, large windows, but especially quality windows. We would suggest any type, from skylights to picture windows, bay windows, narrow windows, as well as entry windows, the subject of this post.

Maybe when designing or having a house designed for you, don’t ever forget what a difference it can make to you to live in a light filled, bright house. And in this article we’ll make it our mission to convince you why you should to opt for entry windows.

Natural lights

Yes, we also never get tired of pointing out how money saving windows can be. Of course, they are a costly investment, but in time, this investment will turn to be very worthwhile. Having many qualities, energy efficient windows in your home will significantly contribute to reduced energy bills. You won’t have to turn on the lights because natural light will fill your interiors. You won’t have to turn on the heat, because glazed windows will keep heat in and cold out. So by installing entry windows, your hallway will also be flooded with light.

More windows give more air!

With more windows comes more air. Of course if they can be opened, and we suggest they could. An airy house is good for both our health and for the house. Entry windows can be opened when the door is closed. And for safety reasons, it’s wiser to be able to open those windows above doors.


Yes, you can have your privacy even with so many windows. You can get it by putting in window treatments, blinds, shutters. This way you’ll be able to enjoy both light and air, and also privacy when you need it.


Entry windows won’t bring elegance to all styles of houses, but there are some that will definitely look better with them. These are the Victorian style, the traditional style, and other style that reminds us of the past.

Tallness and wideness

Entry windows can play an important role in the visual effect of a house. They can make it look taller if the window goes up, near the roof, or wider, if the window frames are painted in the same colour as the front door.

Enough reasons?