Clean them, of course. 🙂 But how, you ask?
We’ll give you some tips in this article, so read on.

Once in a while, it happens to all of us, we look at our window tracks and face a sad situation: dirt and dust have accumulated there either because we didn’t have time to clean them in the past couple of years, or we live in a heavily trafficked area and dust gets in easily. Or maybe we just moved in and the previous inhabitants forgot to leave everything clean before leaving.

It’s OK, there are quick and easy ways to get rid of that dirt. And the “tools” required to help you are all at hand in your house, either in your kitchen or bathroom: vinegar, baking soda, hot water, paper towels, q tips, old tooth brush, rubbish bag.

If your window tracks have really old dirt build-up, sprinkle some baking soda and then spray some vinegar on them. The reaction between the baking soda and vinegar will help loosen up the dirt and be easier to remove. After the bubbling of the vinegar and baking soda has stopped, scrub the track with q tips or the old tooth brush. Once clean, the next thing you should do is pour the warm water on the window track, but be careful, not to splash the surround areas. This is the part where the paper towels come in handy – wipe away the water until everything is dry.
It’s really easy to clean the window tracks, really it is. Give it a try!