We often talk about all the new technologies that have enabled so many changes to be made in the way your house looks and works today, so that literally whatever crosses your mind can be achieved with very beautiful and durable products. Windows are no exception to this rule, as you may have gathered if you have been a regular reader of our blog posts. In this article, we’ll demonstrate how far window manufacturing has come and how much improved and varied windows are nowadays.

In the beginning there were just two options, wood and vinyl, for window framing. But today, thanks to current innovations, window companies can mix two materials to get one that combines both of their positive qualities. These products are called composite windows. The characteristics of this window type offer advantages to homeowners that can’t be found in other types of window frames.

Composite windows are perfect because they are both durable and easy to maintain. Add to that that they also look nice and, the investment will pay off.

So why are they better than wooden or vinyl windows?

1.     First, they are, as we said, durable and strong. They are made of wood, which gives them their strength and durability.

2.     Next, they don’t require so much maintenance. Our windows are covered with an aluminium clad which is easier to clean.

3.     You can choose whichever colour you prefer, as the options we offer are wide and varied.

4.     They are very eco-friendly as they can be made of recycled materials, and they in turn, can also be recycled.

As with all our windows, they are energy efficient and they will considerably reduce your energy bills.

We take great pride in our alu clad windows, as they are made of laminated pine from sustainable forests in Northern Scandinavia, they can be customised according to your preferences in any shape, size or colour. You can choose the opening function that matches your home design and also you can opt for double or triple glazed windows.