When it comes to timber, or wood windows, they can stand the test of time when they are well cared for and maintained, but they can also start out well and then deteriorate without diligence. 

Wood windows need a lot of maintaining and that takes a lot of time and expense. In Ireland, where the wind and rain happens frequently, repainting and finishing timber may need to happen yearly. 

That is where the advantage of Alu Clad windows comes in. While there is some maintaining to be done, the work is minimal. With the innovation of modern windows, materials have changed to create a better foundation while still allowing for style. Alu Clad windows have become the best energy efficient and low maintenance option, and you can choose from many colours and finishes to compliment your home. For many, the sleek look of black fashionable Alu Clad windows is a modern designers dream. With the minimal frame and bold colour, your windows will stand out from the home, creating a great eye catching detail. Against white walls, black windows make a bold and sophisticated statement.

Alu Clad can also provide the beauty of real wood, while providing the added protection of aluminium. The window casements themselves are more robust than timber frames, helping to keep your home safe and secure as well as fashionable. Make a statement with the windows on your home, and invest in the long term. Contact the window experts in Ireland for more information on how beneficial black fashionable Alu Clad windows can be for your home.