Ireland is not a country where you would want to hide from the sun, however, sun rays can really damage items in our homes like floors, furniture curtains etc. So if you’re concerned about this, maybe tinting your windows would be a good idea. In this article we’ll give you some details on the  arguments in favour of window tinting.

1. If the house is losing heat in the winter, because the windows are not well insulated or not energy efficient, then tinting may be a solution to solve this problem. 
2. If the house is uncomfortably hot during summertime, you’ve guessed it: tinting is your salvation.
3. If your furniture, carpets, curtains get discoloured because of the sun rays, they can always be protected if you tint your windows.
4. If you’re concerned that the UV rays can harm your health or your family’s, tinting reduces them by 90%, so give it some thought.
5. If your windows are not safety windows (meaning they don’t shatter in thousands of little pieces when they break so that you don’t get hurt in case of an accident), tinting film will keep the broken glass together and you won’t get cut.
6. If you don’t like window treatments and you just want to enjoy the view, but also don’t like people to see you inside, that’s right: tinted windows is what you need.

So, briefly, the benefits of tinted windows reflect on your energy bills, furniture and house items, and reduced damage of the UV rays, safety and privacy. 
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