It’s a well-known fact that all constructions lose heat through their windows. But the technology and manufacturing processes available today offer solutions where heat loss through windows can be reduced to an absolute minimum. When it comes to windows, these solutions are called double and triple glazing. Double and triple glazed windows will keep your home both warmer and quieter, reduced condensation that builds up inside of them and will help you save money that normally you would spend on energy bills. Also, these windows mean a smaller carbon footprint.
If the terms are unfamiliar, double glazing means that a window has two panes of glass that are separated by a 16mm wide space. This space is usually filled with gas and this is the insulator that keeps heat in and cold outside. Triple glazed windows have three panes of glass and they offer even more energy efficiency and they are used in windier and colder areas.
Window frames also come in a variety of options so that you can coordinate them with the general appearance of the room and the house. You can opt for timber frames, alu-clad (which means wooden frames covered in aluminium clad), aluminium frames or uPVC. Each of them has lots of benefits and the downsides are quite negligible, given that today’s techniques have improved considerably. If you go for timber windows, they have a lower impact on the environment, but they require more maintenance than composite windows, that keep the frame weatherproof. Aluminium and uPVC frames are recyclable and long-lasting, so whatever your choice is it depends on your budget and taste.
The energy rating is usually marked on the products and it varies from A to G, just like in the case of home appliances.
Before proceeding to replace your windows, make sure you are allowed to do so, because if you live in a conservation area, a listed building or historic building, you may not make changes without an approval.
Rationel’s windows and doors are all energy efficient and they all come double glazed. We have a variety of glass, colour and accessory options to suit every type of building. For framing, our Aldus, Domus or Patus products will satisfy any requirement you may have.