Next to comfort, safety is the most important feature of a house. If you don’t feel safe in your home or you have reasons to start looking for options to improve its security, in this article we are going to talk about improving the safety and security of your home using windows and doors sensors.
Any security system relies on sensors to work properly. While some people prefer to install them only on the lower level of their home, usually for financial reasons, it would be ideal to place them on all your windows and doors. This way, if any one of them is breached when the alarm is on, the sensor will signal the control panel and the alarm will be activated.
The two sensors of a pair are glued one on the door or window and the other on the frame. They should be placed next to each other because they work together. When the window is opened and the alarm is set on, they become separated and this will trigger the alarm.
There are more types of sensors, but all work on the same basic premise. They may be wired directly in the alarm system or they can work wirelessly thanks to a battery that powers them. The wired ones take more time to be installed, but the wireless ones should be frequently checked to make sure their batteries haven’t run low.
Although the alarm panel will notify you when something is wrong with your sensors, it would be wise to check them regularly so that you are sure they are working properly. Also, you should pay attention to how stable they are. If they are not steady, they move or the adhesive is weakened, you can expect them to set off the alarm. The panel should be checked as well because there might be error messages or warnings related to the sensors. This situation is best to be left to the alarm company.
However, if you are particularly concerned about your safety, there are other types of sensors that you can install in your home. Motion sensors and shatter sensors are just two examples.
Rationel’s windows and doors are very safe, difficult to break and we believe in the safety and security they deliver. But if you feel that an alarm system will make you feel more protected, we hope this article will guide you a little.