If it were up to us, houses would have only glass walls, instead of brick ones. But it’s not possible and of course everyone needs privacy so we’ll stick to encouraging you to install as many windows as you can. For the love of sunlight and natural light.

In our posts we have talked about so many types of windows and so many places where you can have them but never thought it possible, because we like to be innovative and find great ways to get daylight into your homes and there still are many places where you may have not (YET) considered placing a window.

What about window backsplashes? Just take a look at our gallery in the left and say it isn’t a great idea. You’ll have plenty of work light during the day, not to mention a very easy to clean surface. In terms of styles, window backsplashes are very modern and contemporary, a beautiful focal point, especially if behind it faces onto a great view.

The one thing you have to be careful when deciding to install a window backsplash is the resistance of the window glass. If it runs behind your cooking stove, you must make sure the glass is resistant to heat. Also, you’ll need to make sure its very resilient and the glass in the window cannot break easily, like a double glazed or enforced window. A solid picture window is what we recommend, but you can also go with sash windows, to be able to open them, or sliding windows to let fresh air come in.