Old houses have their charm and lots of people prefer to keep their original appearance, modernising only the interiors. However, some of their exterior elements do need special attention. Windows and doors are two of the most important components that require improvement especially because if they are not repaired, restored or replaced, the effect may be reflected in your energy bills.
Old windows will lose heat and will let the cold enter your house. Luckily there are two options to fix that. You can either replace or refurbish them, but none of these projects is an easy one. In this article, we’ll talk about which is more suitable and what are the pros and cons of each of them.
Generally, it’s easier to keep the old windows, have them restored and make them energy efficient. However, unless you do it yourself, the costs may be the same as for replacing them entirely. Not to mention that the period of time for window refurbishment is longer than for their replacement.
Old windows can be refurbished even when they are in a very precarious shape. Even when they are rotten, drafty, full of rattles or won’t open they can still be saved.
However, replacing old windows is advisable when the old ones are in a poor condition or when you go through a major renovation. People would choose to replace old windows when they want to change their size or shape in order to get more light in, or when they want something more low maintenance than wooden frames. Also, if the building is not too old or if you are allowed to make modifications, modern windows on historic houses can be a nice combo. And don’t forget, modern windows can be shaped so that they look like they have been on your house for a while.
Rationel offers both replacement and refurbishment services and we always work closely with our clients for the best result. Contact us if you plan to change your windows or to restore them, and if you don’t know what to do, we’ll gladly advise you.